Meet Whitney

WhitneyPictureThanks for taking interest in my re-election campaign for Bingham County Commissioner.  My name is Whitney Manwaring and I am a 56 year old native of Bingham County, Idaho.  I grew up on a dairy farm in Groveland with my parents, Fred and Delores, and four siblings.  I have been married to my wife, Ginette, for 33 years and we have four children and six grandchildren.  I attended Groveland Elementary and Blackfoot Junior and Senior High Schools.

In 1987, I began working as a volunteer with the Blackfoot Fire Department and in 1990 pursued the opportunity to work full time as a Fire Fighter and EMT.  I recently had my 20 year anniversary with the Fire Department and I am now looking to the future as my retirement years are quickly approaching.

As I have thought about how I might continue to do what I love—serving my family, friends and neighbors, I have realized that we need strong and able leaders in public office.  I love Southeast Idaho and the community that I grew up in and I want all of the things that make it such a great place to live and work to stay here.  However, there are many challenges that continue to face us and we need leadership that can listen, bring people together, and effectively problem solve.  That is why I decided to run for Bingham County Commissioner.

I believe that in these hard economic times when budgets are shrinking and costs are rising it will be more important than ever for city and county leaders to find ways to work together to save costs in many areas including public safety.  I own a home in the city and a farm in the county and I pay both city and county taxes.  This perspective has strengthened my resolve for finding solutions that benefit our entire community.

I hope that you’ll support me as I take on this challenge.